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Been training with Steve Brookes at Spartan for the last 18years I've looked at other gyms in the area but you don't get the expertise and advice that's on offer here if your serious about bodybuilding, with the diet and nutrition info that you'll need to get best results

John Wood, Barnsley

am the owner and founder of Barnsley Karate Centre, Regent St South, Barnsley which was founded 25 years ago and train at Spartan Bodyworks. Spartan Bodyworks gym has everything you need from a novice who need advice on how to get started to the top body builders who need top notch equipment and specialized advice on diet and nutrition. Steve's knowledge on training and nutrition is fantastic and has helped me go from 17 stones to 14 and half and i feel fantastic, I cant thank Steve enough for his help and advice.

John Tumman, Barnsley

I first came in to contact with Steve via telephone, applying for a post at Spartan, the conversation went Youll probably not want me am nearly 50,Steve commented come up anyway and lets see,Never the less I worked for Steve for 5 Years. Major illness spun me around upside down, steve had already told me to see a doctor who he knew, a chain reaction occured!, 3 years later, back training at Spartan, and in good health. Spartan gave me a solid base of knowledge and confidence!, now I am Lead Sports Therapist for Dctsgb Ltd, and Sports Therapist to 4 Development Commmenwealth Games Camps 2014. So Steve Just a BIG THANKYOU for giving me the CHANCE!!

John Peackock, Barnsley

I have been going to Spartan Bodyworks Gym for nearly 2 and a half years. I started a self-conscious chubby 18 year old, I weighed 19+ stone had no confidence and was as unfit as they come. Steve at Spartan helped me more than I could have asked for, to help me lose the weight and start to build up muscle. Now 30 months later I've lost 5 stone in weight have 100% more confidence than ever, and have never been as fit. The work that Steve has put in can't be matched with anything, I can never repay him for all he has done for me! Not to mention the support of all the members of the gym who are always interested in everyone's progress. I think that Spartan Bodyworks can't be beat, the expertise, friendliness and support that every member recieves is amazing. A definite 10/10.

John Stothard, Barnsley

I started training for a body building competition February 2013 with Steve as my trainer. I remember him saying at the time, before we started, 'There are many ways to get there, Ian but if we are doing it, we are doing it MY way' . Steve's way turned out to be very effective, resulting in my stripping down to < 5% body fat and not losing any muscle that I had gained. Throughout the 7 months intensive training with Steve, I benefited from Steve's dedication ,his years of experience and extraordinary wealth of in depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and nutrition. I learnt a lot . Steve was right, we did it his way and it worked.... There is no doubt in my mind, that without Steve's motivational skills and dedication, I wouldn't have had a hope. I would fully recommend Steve as a Personal Trainer/Gym Instructer and Nutritionist, I've never met a person with such knowledge and dedication to bodybuilding (and a laconic humour ). Thank you Steve, all the best mate .

Ian Sleeman, Barnsley

Proper gym just like a gym should be, makes you feel like training and all in a friendly atmosphere too.

Colin Macmanaman, Barnsley

Thanks to Steve at Spartan Bodyworks for help & advice with my diet/nutrition. Since been under the watchful eye I have gone on to win my first title and will continue to use him. highly recommended to anyone wishing to compete in a sport or just for a healthy lifestyle. Much appreciated TeamWAGER!!

Ben Wager, Barnsley

I went upto spartan at just turned 18 in that year I stuck to the training plan given and the diet plan I competed twice in the BNBF wining the North of England Teens and came second in Britain, I changed my training and path as I became a proffesional boxer in 2012 but I still go up and youse spartan for there supplements and diet advice as it is the best advice !! Ben (Jack The Lad ) Davies ( Proffesional Boxer Undefeated in 5)

Ben Davies, Barnsley

I have been going to spartan bodyworks for over 12 yrs now! There no other gyms like this about anymore great atmosphere, you can have chat to anybody in there not like these new gyms about. All the gym has just had a complete revamp looks great! Every machine you will ever need for bodybuilding or just loosing weight! Steve is one of the best blokes you will ever meet! Always willing to help and give advice, When i first started i didn't know wot to train and how! thanks to steve after a few weeks that wasn't a problem. Great man and full of knowledge. So give spartan a go you wont be disappointed.

Andy Davies, Barnsley

I went to Spartan Gym a few years ago to get fitter to go in the army.I had to achieve a greater level of fitness to pass the army induction test as i had failed first time.The help i was given was first class and they had me fitter in no time.A few weeks later i flew through the test and still serve in the army.Since then i have progressed in my training with the army.What has been highlighted to me is how much knowledge Steve who runs the gym actually has.I still go to the gym when i am at home on leave. Not many of these gyms left anymore it gets a 10/10 from me.

Andy Coleman, Barnsley