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Been in gyms before but this is a proper gym and boy do they know their stuff on nutrition and training.Very clean and has all top class Nytram equipment.Very friendley and great atmosphere.joined up straightaway after first session.Absolultley no negatives.

Joe gold, Barnsley

I went to Spartan Bodyworks for help with my boxing nutrition.I had help before from other camps and had always made weight but wasnt happy how i felt in the fights.Its like ive been turboed, more energy for training and in the 3 ive had under Steves guidance felt as good in round 10 as round 1.

Cant thank Steve enough its opened my eyes to proper preparation.

Bradley Lucas, Leeds

I left school, started work, got married and had a family.The next thing i knew i was a 21 stones fat man who couldnt even play with the kids for more than a couple of minutes.I had never trained before but i went along to Spartan Bodyworks .The gym looked intimidating for me at first but i was put at ease by Steves wife Liz who booked me in with Steve.I was assessed and given a plan and recieved loads of help and was made to feel at home very quickly.Just over six months later i am just over 4 stones lighter, have more confidence, and from being a pure beginner now have a reasonable angle on how to train.Cant thank Spartan enough my life is turned around.

Trevor Lister, Barnsley

Steve has a great attitude and his knowledge and expertise is helping me reach my  goals...thanks!

Tom Clifford, Barnsley

If you enjoy going to the gym to lift latte’s, smash the juice bar and work up a real good pose, this is properly not the gym for you, if you want to be taught to train properly or train hard , reach your goals and have fun/make mates then this is the place to train.

Tom Crofts, Barnsley

Im a professional boxer and came across Steve at Spartan Bodyworks whilst on Facebook. I phoned Steve up and after a chat decided to use him for my diet and nutrition prep for a fight i had coming up in 6 weeks.Steves methods and diet were very different to how i had prepped before but i put my trust in him and followed his regime.

Boy am i glad i did in six weeks he took me down 20 pounds in bodyfat and i hit the best conditioning i have ever been in and felt the best i have ever felt in a fight.This man is a genius in all aspects of nutrition. I found him very motivational throughout the prep and always available on the phone.I travelled over 50 miles a week to see him and would recommend him to anyone needing nutrition and dietary help.Team Mennill and still undefeated, big thanks to you Steve.

Stevi Menill, Leeds

A friendly gym who welcomes everybody,they go the extra mile giving dietary advice and fitness plans individually tailored to your own requirements. I wouldn't train anywhere else due to the atmosphere and the way everyone is treated as a friend.

Steve Ford, Barnsley

I had been a competing bodybuilder for about 15 years and entered shows. I had some good places including 2nd and 3rd but always came up short of that elusive 1st spot. I knew of Steve at Spartan Bodyworks in Barnsley because of his competitive bodybuilding days.I went to Spartan in early 2006 and asked for help with a NABBA show i planned to enter that year.We had a meeting and Steve assessed me and took me under his wing, i lived in Nottingham at the time.I entered the NABBA Midlands in March 2006 and took 1st place in Medium Class.This qualified me for the Mr Britain in May that year.I entered and took 1st place in Medium Class becoming Mr Britain thus joining a select band to achieve this title.Dont get me wrong it wasn`t an easy ride, far from it.But during his mentorship i found Steve to be a great motivator and he helped keep me focused and positive. I found his knowledge on training and nutrition second to none.He proved to me that knowledge when coupled with determination and always believing in yourself and remaining positive can make you a winner.He helped me achieve my dream. Paul Longfield NABBA Mr Britain 2006.

Paul Longfield, Barnsley

Superb facilities, friendly staff.

Martin Johnson, Barnsley

June 12th 1988 the day I was involved in a road traffic accident that left me paralysed from the chest down (T5 Level) and totally wheelchair dependant that was life changing. Keeping fit and in shape has always been important to me more so after the accident, but finding an accessible and accommodating gym was hard to come by. I’ve been to other fitness centres some not so good and some not wheelchair friendly. Another turning point in my life was the day I met Steve Brookes when buying supplements from Spartan Bodyworks. He invited me to take a look around his gym at first I thought it a bit intimidating but he soon put me at ease. Steve suggested I trained at Spartan on a trial basis to see how I got on I can’t deny his training methods were hard and challenging for a FB in a wheelchair. This gym is totally wheelchair friendly and very accommodating to a person with my disability. Steve is always at hand for nutritional and training advice. Steve is the perfect combination of tough, encouraging, enthusiastic and to the point in his method of training. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Steve will lead you every step of the way.

Mark Herring, Barnsley

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