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Personal Training

Personal fitness and bodybuilding training in Barnsley.

Today’s gyms have a multitude of personal trainers available. Many come and go but Steve has stood the test of time for over 25 years. This speaks for itself. He has over 40 years of training experience, first being a national level 440 yards athlete. He later became a bodybuilder. He won many titles including Mr UK and Mr Britain being undefeated for over 10 years. Since retiring from Bodybuilding he has mentored many people and helped them to achieve Bodybuilding titles.He has also mentored and is currently mentoring a British Champion Boxer, a European Champion boxer and the Ladies British Powerlifting Champion. Steve has a keen interest in training people who are new to training and may find gyms intimidating places. He takes great pride in taking weight training and fitness to the general public and through training and showing them how to adopt a healthier lifestyle, changes people’s lives for the better.Steve believes one major thing neglected in personal training is nutrition.You will be educated on how to live a healthier lifestyle incorporating diet.Once you have the dietary knowledge your results will become easier to reach.

He is a government recognised Advanced Personal Trainer and Level 5 Nutritional Therapist and can be found on the Register of Exercise Professionals, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Steve goes the extra mile with all his clients and is passionate about results and helping all clients to achieve their aims and aspirations. Whether they are athletes, bodybuilders, or just want to look good for a special occasion, Steve delivers results for everyone.

For the nutrition side of things Steve employs state of the art testing equipment which uses bio electrical impedance. This measures body fat percentage,body fat amount, lean muscle mass, hydration levels, body mass index and your basal metabolic rate. Do not confuse this with the cheap equipment you can find at chemists or sports centres.These type you usually hold handles or stand on them.We use professional equipment which uses 4 electrodes and is in use with many world ranking athletes and authorities .These can be assessed at your first session and this means that you can have your nutritional needs and diet tailored specifically to suit your individual requirements.You can also have a fully personalised diet and will not be given a mass produced diet, fad diet or any of the weird bodybuilding diets that are now so prevalent and usually unbalanced and in a lot of instances unhealthy to adhere to for long.A personalised diet based on your needs will ensure that there is no guess work with your nutrition.

Steve is old school and believes many old school training systems have disappeared and that this is a big loss to the industry. Steve promises that with determination and commitment from you, plus adhering to his training and dietary plans, he will deliver the excellent results that you want. 100%.

Please feel free to ring and speak to Steve or come along to the gym in Barnsley to discuss your needs. Your initial consultation if you choose to see Steve will be FREE then you can decide if you would like to proceed. All fees are per session irrespective of length and NOT per hour.

We also supply nutritional supplements.