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Max Muscle Feed

Max Muscle Feed

The best Gym in Barnsley for all your supplement needs.

Pure Whey protein concentrate. Whole milk protein, Micellar casein Specially designed for those who find it a little hard to pack on some muscle and mass at the same time.

So what does it do? Delivers 24 grams of protein per scoop with a full spectrum of amino acids THE COMPLEX AND DETAILED CARB LOAD, PACKS 242 CALORIES PER SERVING WITH A MEAGRE 3.85 GRAMS OF FAT.

Maximum Muscle Feed gives you both the fast acting whey and the slower micellar casein so you get the express delivery straight to your muscles after your workout and the slower micellar casein for a longer muscle feed well after you have left the gym! It is smooth and light so you dont get that bloated feeling, and tastes great.

A special 4kg tub for those of you who want a bulk purchase with BIG savings or for those of you who you want to double your intake to a massive intake of 48g.

Priced at just £35.00. Available in Strawberry Shake, Chocolate Heaven, and Ice Cream Dream.