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Gold Whey

Gold Whey

the best Gym in Barnsley for all your supplement needs.

Large 2.25KG TUB , 80% protein specially for the important after workout shake. Why 80% protein delivery? Well any more and the protein will not be synthesised and will be wasted.

Scientific work and research in this area is vast and time and time again results show that 80% protein content is the optimum balance utilising ALL of the 80% protein per serving with NO wastage.

23.1g of protein per serving and a low calorie intake of just 117 calories, 1.56 grams of fat & 1.65 grams of carbs, of which just 0.7 are sugars, will ensure your body stays in a fat burning mode long after your workout is finished.

Spartan price £38.00 recieve a FREE shaker with your first order.

Mixes easy and tastes fantastic.

Available in Strawberry Shake, Chocolate Heaven, and Vanilla Ice Cream Dream.