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Spartan Challenge

Join the Spartan Community and transform your lifestyle!

It's time to get into shape this year. At Spartan we run transformation groups a couple of times per year. These have become very popular and for the first time ever we are throwing the next one open to none members too. We aim to start on Monday/Tues 21st, 22nd Jan 2019 and run it for a period of 6 weeks. There will be 2 groups side by side, 1 for fat loss and 1 for lean mass gain.


The groups are run and mentored by Steve who owns the gym and is an ex British Bodybuilding champion and also an Advanced personal trainer and Level 5 Nutritional Therapist.

The last transformation competition had 39 people of all different levels which split 20 in fat loss and 19 in lean mass gain. The winner of the fat loss group Steve lost 42llbs 14oz and Simon and Marie 2nd & 3rd lost 26llbs 1oz and 24llbs 3oz respectively. This was amazing as it was both Simon and Maries 1st competition. In total, the group lost an incredible 239llbs 8oz, which is just over 17 stones.
The transformation will be run for 6 weeks. It will begin with everyone having their Body stats professionally taken.


You will find out your Body fat%, total Body Fat content, BMR, BMI, lean mass and hydration levels. You will be given an eating plan for the transformation depending on which category you are in. Everyone will join the Spartan Bodyworks WhatsApp group for the transformation duration. A gym meeting is held prior to the group to fully explain how the group is run. Briefly, points are awarded for each pound of fat loss, lean mass gain, training/cardio sessions. Very nice trophies are awarded for 1st,2nd,3rd in each category. Everyone completing the transformation receives a certificate.


There is a great spirit within the group during the six weeks and many will make new friends. Support is given and you are never alone, help is a WhatsApp, Text, Phone call or face to face away throughout the comp. It costs ONLY £15 to enter. Personalised diets/nutrition plans are available at an extra cost if required.

For more info/details please feel free to phone the gym and discuss with Steve. The cut-off point for entry will be Sat 19th Jan.

This is your chance to put some focus and meaning into your training, or the spark needed to start training, be part of a group where everyone has the same goal, and most importantly where they will be lots of encouragement for the duration of the course.